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100% Confident: Expert on AIs Inevitable Job Creation

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Artificial intelligence should help humans, not replace them, industry exec says.

One of the general public's biggest concerns concerning the increased adoption of artificial intelligence is that machines will take jobs from people. But in this episode of 'The AI/ML Show' on Motley Fool Live, recorded on March 2, guest Jim Chappell, head of Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics at AVEVA, talks about why AI should actually increase the number of jobs for humans.

Jim Chappell: Our view is, first and foremost, AI is intended to assist humans, not replace them. It's to do things better. Job roles may change, and ultimately, it will be a net increase in overall jobs due to AI. I can make that bold statement, I'm 100% confident. AI is going to fail if there's a general distrust of it, or fear of it, that it's going to take your job. What we really want to do is we're moving from computer aided, whether it's computer-aided design or computer-aided operations, computer-aided maintenance to computer lead. Then human supervised or working side by side with humans like the buzzword of industry 5.0. This is really the next step. But what that requires is more sophisticated AI thought in some cases than what we have today. AI is not one thing, it's a science, it's made up of many cognitive capabilities. By combining multiple types of these cognitive capabilities, deep learning and reinforcement learning and machine learning, neural nets and vision, all these types of things together, you can get more sophisticated thought. Again, it's to help humans, not replace their jobs. That's a key because, that is a big problem with AI. People don't understand it or they fear it, they think it does something different and they fear that it might replace them. First and foremost, again, I'll just repeat it, AI is intended to assist humans, not replace them, in most cases there.

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